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Industrial Vacuum Transfer Services USA (IVTS USA) is a Houston based company that specializes in the vacuuming and conveying of various industrial and environmental materials.  

In comparison to traditional vacuum methods, IVTS USA's system is able to vacuum and pump, thereby conveying an array of materials over long distances.  

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IVTS is Committed to






For employees, customers, communities, and the environment 

Employees, customers, and shareholders can trust and verify commitments

Speed and flexibility to meet customer schedules in demanding environments

Evolving norms to better serve employees and customers

Providing the tools and opportunity for employees to reach their potential



Randall Thomas, CEO 

Randall is a third-generation oilman with over 45 years of experience in oil & gas drilling and production.  After numerous years with Unocal, he formed a series of companies over a 20-year period that brought innovation and cost savings to declining and marginal productions field. One of the most prominent designs was the 20’ container in the early stages of SandBox.  This design changed the way companies managed multi-million dollar frac operations and logistics.

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Ryan Thomas, COO

Prior to joining IVTS USA, Ryan spent 17 years combined in key leadership roles for companies such as Baker Hughes, Schlumberger and Weatherford executing completion operations for some of the most prolific deep-water wells globally. He managed these operations for companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Hess and Noble Energy in countries all over the world. The leadership roles within these high-profile projects encompassed responsibilities and ownership for engineering support, new technology design, manufacturing, supply chain, trade compliance, contract management and customer relations. Prior to joining the corporate world, Ryan was instrumental in growing a grass roots drilling contractor company that serviced small independent oil and gas operators in the Texas and Louisiana region. Ryan received his B.B.A marketing degree from Texas Lutheran University in 2005. 

Blum Oren Acquisition Capital LLC, Investor

BOAC is a Houston based investment group founded by John Oren and Steve Blum. BOAC invests in various innovative companies and is the main investor in IVTS USA.


Reggie Boggs, President

Reggie brings over 30 years of oilfield and industry experience to IVTS.  Prior to joining IVTS, Reggie worked 25 years for Baker Hughes leading and managing operations, engineering, and sales in international locations all over the globe.  After Baker Hughes, he spent several years with Weatherford developing and building Sand Control and Downhole Remote Telemetry product lines, including award winning Single Trip RFID Completion systems as well as patented downhole screen products.  Reggie received his B.S.M.E. from Louisiana Tech and an MBA from the University of Southern Mississippi.