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Industrial Vacuum Applications

Pump the Unpumpable with IVTS'S Powerful Industrial Vacuums

Our industrial vacuum has incredible potential when it comes to the duties to which it can be applied. Whether you’re pumping liquids or sludge, excavating, vacuuming dry materials, or doing environmental cleanup, our industrial vacuum system can help. Click the links below to find out more about our vacuum and how it can help you.

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Our Industrial vacuums have helped many companies complete major projects.


Vacuum excavation is a process that significantly reduces the risk of loss of property or injury to workers when contacting underground utilities. 

Grey Limbo


Our portable, pneumatic systems can move virtually any material by utilizing heavy duty intake hoses and delivering liquid or sludge precisely where you want it.


Industrial vacuum systems are perfect for dealing with moving gravel, sand, sawdust, dry solid materials, wastewater, and deal with emergency response situations


Our PV500 unit is excellent for rock, gravel, sand, sludges and slimes, wet or dry

The PV500 vacuum unit picks up and then discharges your material through a pipeline to your desired location miles away. Material picked up can be used to fill trucks, hoppers, rail cars etc., or placed back into your production circuit – the flexibility of the machine means that the possibilities are endless. The venturi type vacuum/discharge unit is powered with compressed air. No wiring or electrical connections are required. An internal 12-volt system runs all the controls.